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Binvex keeping Saints and humans warm in Serbia!

August 30,2013

The Binvex team has just completed a number of important projects in Serbia including the Holy Church of St. Petka […]

Canada…..Keep Walking

August 28,2013

The Orion Eco Tech team has just completed a 2000m AHT Outdoor Deicing Ribbon project in Canada. We would like […]

ARTEC Greece – The Ouzo Installation!

July 29,2013

ARTEC Greece – The Ouzo Installation! As we all know Greece has been suffering its worst recession since the Second […]

Nissan Global – New distributor in Japan

July 01,2013

Dear AHT Global Family members We are very proud to formally announce that A.H.T. Advanced Heating Technologies Ltd and Nissan […]

WE Can…….ada

June 27,2013

It is natural for people to talk more about their achievements in order to publicise their successes and create a […]

Where there is a will there is Soluft

June 25,2013

The current Eurozone crisis started in September 2008 and one of the first countries affected almost immediately was Portugal and […]

A.H.T China

June 25,2013

是一家在全世界范围内领先的涵盖室内外的家居,工业和商业供热技术倡导者。我们的经营理念是推广新型电热技术及其方案融合,基于两种革命性的创新电热技术:非晶态金属电热带和非晶态粉状金属。 对于非晶态金属电热带,其厚度仅为25微米,对比市面上传统的电热缆,这种新型的电热带拥有非常明显的优势,如下: 发热面积广,数倍于电热缆 带体质地轻 工作温度稳定,低温热辐射设计 我们优秀的封装技术可节省安装绝缘材料的使用 低运作成本 AHT 非晶态金属的高强度的物理性能及其化学稳定性突破了目前所有合金电热材料的技术障碍。 AHT是OPUS集团的子公司,OPUS集团创建于塞浦路斯1985年,致力于新能源电热和制冷技术开发,污水处理及工业设备的开发。 AHT中国,作为全世界的AHT家族其中的一份子,自2012年起致力于国内市场推广和建设。 室外供热 AHT融雪除冰系统也使用了AHT非晶态金属电热技术。对比目前使用的热水管道和其他电热缆等融雪除冰系统,AHT有着明显的优势。 主要有两类产品: 室外铺地电热带或者电热片,一般为250~500W每平方米 管道除冰和排水沟除冰电热带 AHT融雪除冰系统的优势有: 大面积的热传导面积 , 快速的加热性能, […]

New distributor in Poland

June 25,2013

New distributor in Poland We are very pleased to announce that POLTEST A & W Ltd has been appointed as […]

AHT Goes Baltic

June 25,2013

New distributor in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Byelorus We are very pleased to announce that UAB “SW Baltic”has been appointed as […]

A.H.T. Australia Pty

June 25,2013

We are pleased to announce that A.H.T. Australia Pty located in Melbourne, Australia has formally started its operation as of […]

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