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What is Underfloor Heating?

12Underfloor heating, an idea first used by the ancient Romans, is once again becoming the most popular form of heating in the United States, the UK and throughout Europe from East to West. Because of its superior comfort and efficiency, people are discovering that a radiant underfloor heating system has more advantages than they believed possible.

Underfloor heating gives a constant and extremely comfortable heat, with no blasts of hot air from noisy fans or blowers to stir up dirt and dust. The absence of unsightly radiators makes furniture placement easier and creates a safer home environment with no exposed hot surfaces.

Underfloor heating radiates comfortable, constant warmth with healthy, clean, quiet and safe heat to the occupants and surfaces of the room.

Feeling warm all over begins with the feet

It’s true. When your feet are warm, you feel warmer and more comfortable all over. Because the AHT heating system heats rooms through the floors, the air temperature is always highest at floor level and decreases steadily toward the ceiling. That’s comfort!

The moisture content of the room is more stable and healthy. Unlike forced air heat, radiant heat is less likely to dry out your nasal passages, less likely to dry out the skin, and less likely to cause damage to furniture.

Because the air is not dehumidified, it feels several degrees warmer than it really is. And for every single degree of lower temperature, you save energy and money.

13Even the electricity bills will leave you feeling comfortable

Comfort alone is a good enough reason to invest in an AHT underfloor heating system, but there are other good reasons…like cost-savings and energy efficiency.

With an AHT underfloor heating system, people often discover that they are comfortable at temperatures lower than those provided by conventional systems…and lower temperature settings mean lower electricity costs.

With AHT underfloor heating systems, savings begin with the purchase of the system. Not only do our systems cost less to purchase and install than other radiant underfloor systems, they usually cost less to operate.

Discover the comfort, feel the warmth, and enjoy the efficiency of radiant underfloor heating.

Ask your nearest AHT distributor for a quotation for your next building or renovation project. You’ll be surprised how economical radiant underfloor heating can be.

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