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What is an Amorphous Metallic Alloy Ribbon?

Amorphous metallic alloys, often referred to as metallic glasses, are relatively new materials, mainly available in the form of thin ribbons. They are prepared from molten metallic alloys by a rapid cooling technique. In this technique a ribbon of molten metallic alloy is poured onto a rapidly rotating copper drum.

Due to the thinness of the ribbon 20 to 30 microns, it cools very quickly (at a rate of about 1,000,000 degrees/second). Since solidification occurs so quickly, no crystalline structure has any chance of forming. Instead, an amorphous solid, in the form of a very thin ribbon, is created (the width varies from a few millimeters to 10cm.

What’s special about Amorphous Ribbons?

Obviously, the lack of any crystalline structure in amorphous ribbons is special. However, other properties of the material are affected by this lack of crystalline structures. The boundaries between crystals in crystalline solids typically cause most of the material’s faults.

The homogeneous, non-boundary structure of amorphous metallic alloys provides unique mechanical, anti-corrosion, wear resistant, and magnetic properties. It makes amorphous metallic alloys superior in many ways to the more common crystalline metals.

AHT’s Amorphous Metal Ribbon Technology

AHT’s revolutionary amorphous ribbon technology enables it develop methods for the application of the ribbons to various surfaces, adding insulation and additional qualities such as adhesiveness, etc.

AHT’s amorphous ribbons are far more effective heating elements than regular heating wires because they provide:

A Safe source of Heat

Heating elements based on amorphous ribbon, operate at lower temperatures and are therefore more secure and less hazardous to the user. There is no dangerous and unpleasant burning of oxygen or dust, no open flames, no feeling of suffocation or bad odors while the heating element is working and full electrical safety controls are built into the system.

Superior Heating Performance

Due to the low mass of AHT’s heating elements, they perform far better than regular heating elements. Indeed, the amorphous ribbon will begin heating its surroundings faster than the traditional kind. This also means that AHT’s technology is more energy-efficient than other heating systems, thus saving on electricity bills and offering a low maintenance-cost system.

Long Life

AHT technology has a major advantage in terms of life span due to the low temperature of the heating element.

Energy Savings

The AHT underfloor heating system offers three primary areas of energy saving when compared to radiators. Losses through the window are much lower. Losses through the ceiling are lower because the temperature at ceiling level is lower and losses through the wall and air changes are lower because room air temperatures are lower with the AHT system, to provide the same comfort level.

Suitable for all Locations

The AHT system is applicable to every type of building, whether it is newly built, a renovation or a retrofit for both residential and commercial properties.

9Suitable for all Floor Coverings

Due to the low working temperature of the AHT heating element it can be embedded in self leveling cement or latex compound of at least ¼ inch (6mm) thickness, and on top to fit every type of dry floor covering including timber or parquet flooring or wall-to-wall carpet without damaging color, lacquer, adhesives and physical properties.

Large Transfer Area

The ribbon’s large transfer area means that the product reaches a specific power output level at a lower temperature.

Lower Insulation Cost

The ribbon element may be packed in different types of polymer insulation, and contrary to wire elements, works at lower temperatures, thus requiring lower or less expensive insulation.

Negligible Electromagnetic Field

Measurements of the electromagnetic field strength generated by AHT heating mats prove that it is negligible when compared to the strength of acceptable EMF levels. The AHT heating mats have passed rigorous safety tests and AHT has all necessary approvals.

Other Advantages

The AHT system has other clear advantages; being the most comfortable and natural form of heating; it is unobtrusive, safe and quiet; it is virtually maintenance free, it complements other energy-saving developments in heating – e.g. condensing boilers, solar panels, heat pumps and combined heat and power systems – and is simple and inexpensive to install.

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