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ARTEC Greece – The Ouzo Installation!

ARTEC Greece – The Ouzo Installation!

As we all know Greece has been suffering its worst recession since the Second World War and this has made life there very difficult. Greeks being a very proud nation not only have not given up but are working very hard to rebuild their economy and this means going  back to basics and re-thinking their approach to life in general. Of course this includes their approach to what kind of homes they  want and what kind of heating they would like to use. The answers coming through are loud and clear: Best Energy Efficiency + Best Value For Money.

This new situation has been recognized by Mr Stavros Kossieris Managing Director of ARTEC Ltd, a rapidly growing engineering company engaged in the field of design and construction of modern and high quality building projects and facilities throughout Greece.  Mr Kossieris a visionary Civil and Structural Engineer has decided to include the cutting-edge AHT Technology into ARTEC’s eco-friendly building  projects in order to offer the Greek consumer housing with minimum energy consumption. During the last few months in close collaboration with Mr Stavros Gavrias AHT BDM-Greece, ARTEC has started installing the AHT indoor heating system to a number of its projects with great success and we  are sure that Mr Ko ssieris and his ARTEC team will have even more success in the future.

As Mr Kossieris commented whilst enjoying an Ouzo on the rocks with a happy customer after finishing the latest project in Argiroupolis “The AHT heating system is the best I have come across until now, because it is so simple and straight forward everyone can appreciate it. It is so easy to  install, it provides heating in a matter of minutes at the lowest possible co st and without any ma intenance. AHT has the complete package and gives  the best solution to today’s heating needs!”

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