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AHT Snow Melting and Ice Prevention

19AHT’s Snow-and-Ice Melting system is ideal for external concrete, asphalt, paving stones, gravel and lawns/turf (sports fields etc). Based on our unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon Technology they have significant advantages over any other type of hydronic or electrical cable-based Snow Melting and Ice Prevention systems.


Benefits are as follows:

  • Larger contact area with the cold ground or iced surface
  • Reaches the working temperature faster than other systems
  • Energy saving
  • Less costly
  • Generates more even heat
  • Extremely simple and easy to install
  • Perfectly safe from electrical shock hazards and electromagnetic radiation
  • Reliable and durable

AHT Heating Elements

AHT currently supplies two product families:

  • Outdoor underground heating ribbons or mats normally at 250 – 500 Watts/m2
  • Pipes and Gutters Freeze Protection/Heat Tracing ribbon

Both families are based on a unique design of fully grounded heat-tracing cable made of amorphous metallic ribbon enclosed in a mechanically robust flexible enclosure. The element is designed to meet IEEE 515.1 standard for underground and outdoor exposed applications.

20Heating Element Performance

The heating element is of a fixed wattage. By using different widths of amorphous ribbons and different length of the element itself, one can achieve the required output power per linear meter/foot. Typically the high-end limit for the heating element power is 62 watts per meter. This limit corresponds to more than 5 amps on a single circuit. The heating element can be driven by various power voltage sources, AC or DC: 110-120, 208, 220-240, 400 and 600 Volts, as long as the current limit is met. Low voltage (below 50 volts) usage is also possible. The upper limit working temperature of the heating element is 700C.

Geometric Dimensions

The heating mats are designed to cover a nominal 20% of the heated area, but the normal area-covering density ranges from 15% to 30%. Other values are also possible.

Electrical Measures

The normal input power of each heating mat is 250 – 500 watts/m2. as specified on each heating mat label. Higher input can easily be achieved by reducing the spacing between parallel heating elements.

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