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AHT products cover indoor heating, outdoor de-icing and snow-melting, based on our revolutionary and unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon Heating Technology. Highly efficient heating at low cost, it is a totally safe, environmentally friendly system which is easily installed and maintained.

26Indoor Underfloor Heating

AHT’s technologically advanced underfloor electrical heating system provides a warm, comfortable, luxurious home environment. For use in every room: bathroom, kitchen, living room, utility room, basement, den, or bedroom, it can be installed under any flooring: tile, stone, wood, laminate or carpet according to our official installation manual.

Advantages of AHT’s Amorphous Metal Ribbon Underfloor Heating for All-Around Warmth.
The AHT Underfloor Heating system, based on a unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating technology, has significant advantages over any other type of underfloor heating system

Outdoor Heating

18AHT Snow-and-Ice Melting systems are based on our unique amorphous metal heating technology. They have significant advantages over other types of hydronic or electrical cable-based Snow Melting and Ice Prevention systems. AHT currently supplies two families of products:

  • Outdoor under ground Heating ribbons or Mats normally at 250 – 500 Watts/M2
  • Pipe and Gutter Freeze Protection/Heat Tracing ribbon

Among the benefits of the AHT Snow Melting and Ice Prevention systems are:

  • Wider contact area with the cold ground or ice
  • Reaches the working temperature faster than other systems
  • Energy saving
  • Generates more even heat
  • Less costly
  • Extremely simple and easy to install
  • Reliable and durable.

Intended for use under concrete, asphalt, paving stones, gravel and turf (lawns or playing fields).

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