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AHT at the Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo – Shanghai


Key Note Speach by Mr. Alan Zhai for
AHT Advanced unique amorphous eco-friendly heating technology

On June 30th to July 2nd, AHT China attended the “Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo – Shanghai”, a well-known international exhibition in China with visitors coming from greater China and the rest of the world.
AHT China was stationed in the hall E2 which was designated for heating systems and new energy equipment with suppliers of water heating, electric heating, flooring and sub-materials for heating system. The AHT booth was amongst the most attractive and hence most visited thanks to our unique and most advanced indoor & outdoor heating systems. We have had countless visitors from all regions of China, as well as from other Asia Pacific countries.
The visitors included Architects, Interior designers, Home system specialists, Material science professors, Industrial OEMs reps’, as well as distributors who showed high interest in our products and solutions. A significant number of heating solution distributors /representatives have already asked to cooperate with us in developing the Chinese Market.
The introduction of AHT products and solutions for the first time at the exhibition, demonstrated a unique, eco-friendly, high efficient, cost effective, indoor and outdoor heating technology in China and the overall feedback from our visitors has convinced us that China has great potential for our unique AHT product range.
On the second day of the exhibition, with the support of the exhibition organization, Mr. Alan Zhai gave a Keynote presentation titled «AHT Advanced unique amorphous eco-friendly heating technology», in order to help the potential customers and visitors to understand better the advantages of AHT amorphous heating technology as well as share the various applications of our unique products. The presentation was attended by more than 50 professionals and lasted for about 45 minutes followed by a Q&A session, during which all queries raised were answered.
At the end of Keynote speech, AHT China invited all the attendants to visit an offsite brief installation training of indoor heating mats and used an AHT “touch-me” demo system for the training session.
In closing we can really say that for the first time ever, the AHT products and technology were exhibited in China with great success as well as officially kicking-off our presence and business development in China.

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