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The two Stavros Greek show!

The AHT Greece team led by Mr Stavros Gavrias and Stavros Kossieris has just completed a 3 holiday villa project in the beautiful town of Stira in Evia island. The villas are situated a few metres from the beach and have green mountains as a background and have an indoor surface area of about 500 m2. Although in the summer the location is idyllic, during the winter temperatures drop close to zero with a lot of snow on the surrounding mountains.
For this installation AHT Greece chose to use as insulation instead of the standard extruded polystyrene a new revolutionary product called Poliplus Fein. Poliplus is manufactured in Greece by an innovative and high-tech company called Tekto Hellas who exports Poliplus as well as its other products to many countries worldwide. For more information you can
The two Stavros only comment after the successful project completion was “Today everyone is talking about whether Greece will stay inside the Eurozone, but the only sure thing about Greece is that it will stay forever in the AHTzone!”

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