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Multumesc foarte mult Romania & Tekno FM Team!


The AHT activity in Romania has increased substantially over the last years thanks to the hard work of Mr Stefan Soare and his Tekno FM team of Cristian, Ovidiu, Camilia and Diana. With over 25 distributors nationwide and Stefan constantly on the move the AHT presence is felt everywhere and as a result many projects have been successfully completed. Please see below an AHT indoor heating project in a new Church in the City of Tandarei and an AHT Outdoor heating project in a commercial building in the City of Timisoara.

We would like to thank our Romanian friends for all their support and achievements and wish them even better results in the future. Multumesc foarte mult Tekno FM team!

Tandarei City Church AHT Indoor Installation


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Timisoara City AHT Outdoor Heating Installation

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