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A good sign from Germany!

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Germany is rightly recognized as one of the most demanding and difficult markets in the world for new products to enter and established because of the high standards of German consumers. They are used to buying products “Made in Germany” with characteristics which include precision, high quality, efficiency, reliability and total safety among a myriad of other important aspects. Diesignwerker, an innovative German Outdoor Advertizing & Sign company based in Penzberg-Bavaria after applying their strict criteria decided to use the unique AHT Amorphous Ribbon heating mats in their “INFO-BURO” line (small display – exhibition rooms) which they are selling to companies as a tool to get more consumers to come into contact with their product and services more easily.
For the AHT success in Germany we can only thank one person and this is Mrs Gudron Naylies who has been working 24/7 to establish AHT in her home country as well as in Austria and other European Countries. Gudron is the first diagnosed “AHTholic” and rightly has earned the title of Mrs AHT Universe. Well done and Thank you Gudi!
Below we outline some photos from the Info-Buro installation.

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