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The long march is one step closer. The first AHT installation in China!

After celebrating the Chinese New Year the AHT China team got back to work in great spirits and they carried out successfully their first AHT installation. Under the watchful eyes of Mr Alan Zhai and Mr Doron Lapidot the AHT China installation team carried out their first installation very efficiently and in record time for a rookie team.
There were a few doubting looks when the new parquet floor was being installed directly on top of the AHT heating mats, however both Alan and Doron assured everyone to relax because the AHT Amorphous Metal heating mats were the only ones in the whole world which could be installed and operate safely and efficiently directly under parquet flooring. Sure enough just 10 minutes later when the AHT system was switched on everyone felt warm and cozy.
A delighted Doron quipped, “it’s one thing talking about AHT, but it’s another enjoying the AHT warmth” with a smiling Alan adding “Now we are one step closer to our long march goal!”

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