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Selling flowers to the Dutch!

AHT helps Cypriot Exports of Flowers

The deep economic crisis which Cyprus is currently experiencing has made business people think out of the box and do things which were unthinkable a couple of years ago. So when a flower grower from Paphos last month asked for our help in his effort to start exporting his products, we were more than pleased to cooperate with him. With temperatures reaching 20C during the day but plunging close to 0C at night the baby flowers were either dying or taking far too long to grow, so they were missing the chance to be exported to North Europe.

Together with our local distributor Atlantis Engineering and its management team of Mr Yiannis Ioannou and Mr Demetris Tsampalos we designed, installed and commissioned 9 independent AHT Outdoor Heating Systems which keep the roots of the flowers warm at a constant temperature 24/7. Within a few days the results were visible and last week an emotional nursery owner called to say that he has carried out his first exports to Holland and the UK! AHT is very happy to help increase Cypriot exports and at the same time making his dreams come true.

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