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Saint Stefano Roncone joins the AHT Family!

Roncone is a beautiful town perched in the Trentino mountains in the north Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol. Located about 35 kilometres west of Trento, Roncone is a popular tourist destination all year round popular for its forests, lakes and fresh air. Roncone’s patron Saint Stefano Church was build in the 12th century and it is an architectural gem and of course it is a protected heritage site.

With average winter temperatures inside the Church of only 4C the town council turned to AHT Italia for help in order to warm the Saint Stefano parishioners warm without altering the structure of the Church.



The “invisible” AHT Amorphous Ribbon heating mats were installed under the existing old wooden base floor, providing vertical radiant warmth to the people attending Mass and other Church events. Additional heat will be provided by the powerful AHT wall heating radiant panels.


The output of the AHT underfloor heating mats used is 150 W/sqm and output of the AHT wall heating panels 300 W/sqm. The complete Church heating system is divided in zones and is activated automatically only in the areas where people are actually present.



A few minutes after activation, the temperature rose from 4C to 14C while the areas around the wall heating panels reached temperatures of almost 30C! The Thermovision photos demonstrate the fast and efficient and unique heating of the AHT Amorphous Ribbon.


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