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AHT Divine Technology Keeping Saint Apollonio Warm!

Castel Goffredo is a beautiful medieval town in the province of Mantua, in Lombardy, Italy, founded in a region inhabited from the Bronze Age. Castel Goffredo’s rich history and heritage includes a number of very old Churches, one of them being Saint Apollonio which was originally constructed many centuries ago on a Romanesque site and rebuild in its present form in 1742. Saint Apollonio is located in open countryside and during the very cold Lombardy winters, the internal temperature of the Church hovers around 5C. At these extremely low temperatures it is impossible for the parishioners to exercise their religious duties comfortably, not to mention that the priest was constantly sick with a bad throat! Therefore the town’s administration committee of historical and cultural heritage turned to AHT for help in order to warm Saint Apollonio unobtrusively and on without altering the Church structure in any way.

The solution proposed by the AHT Italia team was the installation of extra power AHT heating mats with outputs of 200 Watts /m2 inside special AHT Armed Plaster Heating Panels (APHP) fixed on the walls.

The result was that Saint Apollonio after many years warmed up very fast reaching temperatures up to 27C making the parishioners very happy and the priest once again finding his health and singing hymns in praise of God and AHT in full voice!

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