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German Gardens need their Gudi!

The Austria – Therm te am led by Mrs Gudron Naylies has just complete d successfully an important garden de – icing pr oject in Rendsburg Germany . The planning, design and provision of the AHT Outdoor heating ribbon was provided by AHT Netherlands under the close supervision of Mr Ron van Wijk .

This project is a milestone in the large an d promising German market as it shows that when the AHT family members work together they can succeed even in the most demanding and difficult markets.

We would like to thank both Gudi and Ron for their steadfast determination and b elief in the AHT family ideals and congratulate them on their success. As Gudi commented “T o stay the course and overca me all obstacles is not easy but at the end the satisfaction of having a happy customer makes everything worthwhile ”

German Gardens need their Gudi 2

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