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ProRail Utrecht Train Station Project


ProRail , the Dutch Railway s O rganization responsible for the construction, maintenance, management and safety of the national railway network in the Netherlands , has ve ry high standards regarding the products that they use in their rail in frastructure and n ew innovative products can only be registered as “ approved ” , after suc cessfully completing an “ Unsolicited Proposal Procedure ” (USP) . In order to get the AHT Advanced Amorphous Ribbon T echnology approved by ProRail , this procedure was started in 2011 by Mr Ron Van Wijk the AHT Netherlands MD and a fter several consultat ions and an official presentation , the ProRail USP Tender Board appr oved the first test pilot project rating the AHT Adv anced Amorphous Metal Ri bbon T echnology as “ very promising and a perfect solution to keep platforms fre e of ice and snow thus contributing significantly to increased safety and less maintenance cost s. ” On the 19 th of May t he f irst AHT test pilot project was completed in a new railway station in the city of Utrecht with spectacular construction activities. In cooperation with Movares, one of the leadi ng consulting engineering group s in the Netherlands, the AHT Outdoor de – icing ribbons were installed in the platform i n order to have a safe environment for passengers whist getting off and on the train during winter conditions. We would like to warmly congratulate Mr Ron V an Wijk and the whole AHT Netherlands team for reach ing this very important milestone, as due to this USP – appro val a lo t of new ProRail infrastructural projects will follow. After the installation was completed successfully a very happy and relieved Ron comment ed “After 3 years of going through the various stages I learned that Patience is a Virtue , but now I can ’t wait for the next winter to come so that I can see the AHT ribbons in action! ”



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