AHT Heating

Rafina Beach Project

AHT the Greek way is more fun!


We are ve ry pleased to announce that AHT Greece has won and has already started work on a major prestigious project of about 1000 m2 located in Rafina, a holiday town on the eastern coast of Attica in Greece . The four storey building is just a few metres from the beach offering mag nificent views of the blue Aegean sea , is made up of 4 – one f loor luxurious apartments designed to t he highest standards and specifications . It is exactly because the AHT Amorpho us Ribbon heating mats meet the highest standards in the world that they were chosen exclusi vely to heat the whole building safely and efficiently.


Bearing in mind that Greece is still undergoing its most severe recession since 1945, the Rafina Project clearly shows that when you have the best product in the world and the best people behind it success is inevitable. We would therefore like to congratulate Mr Stavros Gavrias and his team of Diana, Stavros, Kostas and Alexis for th e ir great success and thank them for their support and determination. After the signing of the contract a delighte d Stavros toasting his team with glass ouzo quipped “ AHT the Greek way is more fun! ”

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