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시작이 반이다 ! – Starting is half the task !

korea_1We are very pleased to announce the completion and successful commissioning of the first major outdoor de-icing project in Korea at the Yuhan Kimberly factory in Seoul , by our AHT Korea team under t he leadership of Mr Jason Lee, AHT Korea Co Ltd M anaging Director.

Yuhan Kimberly Ltd is the largest manufacturer of sanitary products in Korea. Its products include Diaper, feminine sanitary napkins, bathroom tissue, facial tissu e, nonwoven fabric, and paper towel. Additionally it offers wet wipes, mask, protective work wear, professional wipers, oil absorbent, surgical drape, gowns, sterilization wrap. Its customers include Individuals, corporations, research centers, public buil dings, restaurants, hospitals, textile manufacturers, and schools. The company was founded in 1970 and is based in Seoul, South Korea and operates as a subsidiary of the Kimberly – Clark Corporation.

Because of rapidly increasing demand for its products , Yuh an Kimberly had to extend their existing factory and mak e a new road next to the new building constructed . The new sloped road to the building is vital to the factory’s smooth operation and is used 24/7 by hundreds of cars, trucks and forklifts. Therefore Yuhan Kimberly c hose the unique AHT Amorphous Ribbon Outdoor de – icing system to ensure that this crucial communication artery remained operative even during the heaviest snow falls. The whole installation was complet ed very successfully by the AHT Korea team and has already been in action several tim es, melting snow efficiently in record times . A s a result Yuhan Kimberly are very happy and satisfied with the results of their new AHT snow melting system and they are now considering the installation of a new AHT roo f snow melting at the their factory too!

Project Details:

  1. Location : Kimcheon, Korea
  2. Customer : Yuha n Kimberly Ltd
  3. Installation area : 8 x 45m slope way, paving a road with concrete,
  4. Total length of heating ribbon : 1,804m
  5. Total lines of ribbon : 41 lines(each line is 44m and has 1 connection)
  6. Distance between the AHT ribbons : 20cm
  7. Electrical Installation Characteristics:
    • Resistance of 1m : 1.8Ω
    • Voltage : 220V
    • Wattage of 1 line : 2.44 KW
    • Total Watta ge : 2.44kw x 41lines = 100.22 KW.

A delighted Mr Lee commented at a recent AHT gathering in Korea, “this first project for AHT in Korea will be followed by many others as the good news about the AHT technology and quality are spreading very fast and it proves the famous Korean proverb of 시작이 반 이다 ⠀匀栀椀 ⴀ 樀 愀歩⁢愀渀椀 ⴀ 摡⤀ Starting is half the task !

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