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AHT beating the Eurocrisis “blues” in Portugal!

Portugal along with its Mediterranean “cousins” of Spain, Greece and Cyprus has been suffering greatly over the past few years because of crisis in the Eurozone. It is already well document that in countries facing recession there is a dramatic reduction of mass new-build “standard” housing, but at the same time there is a significant increase in new type “modular” housing and renovations.

This significant change in the market favours immensely the AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon indoor heating mats, as they are the most ideal to provide the fastest and most economical heating. Therefore by installing AHT mats in shipping containers they were transformed in cheap modular houses which people can afford to buy and live a decent life with very little cost.

We would like to thank Mr Sergio Seco, Carolina Rodrigues and the rest of the Soluft team for their innovative ideas, hard work and absolute belief in AHT. As Sergio commented “Adversity is the mother of innovation and every day we find a new application for AHT in order to make people’s lives easier”


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