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The Wolf Group is a family run business with over 45 years’ experience in timber engineering and prefabricated housing, employing some 3000 staff across 21 European countries. WOLF has developed into an internationally successful company and is a leading partner for buildings for agricultural, commercial and industrial use, as well as for prefabricated homes. Ongoing hi-tech development and enhancement as well as modern, computer-controlled production facilities enable a highly precise and economical production achieving the optimal degree of prefabrication , thereby minimising the installation time and maintaining consistently the highest quality standards. As a resultd, the Wolfhaus buildings are classified with the most prestigious A-Gold Energy performance rating.


Equilibrium is a holistic company operating in the green construction industry, in the sector of natural building materials and technologies for energy efficiency, in the knowledge that energy efficiency and healthy environments have become key factors for a good quality of life, as well as being necessary conditions if a building is to maintain its value over time. Equilibrium is investing in the reduction of energy consumption in new and existing buildings and in the improvement of the living comfort of the occupants, through the application of building systems using natural insulation made from lime and hemp materials.


RAE srl was founded in 1976 by Mr Valter Ribolla in order to promote the most energy efficient cooling and heating systems in the Milan area. Thirty eight years later the company is managed by Mr Mirko Ribolla who has diversified significantly its activities which include renewable energy generation, PV systems,Ssolar Thermal systems, and a range of revolutionary lighting systems with great energy savings based on a unique electromagnetic induction LED technology.

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