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AHT Netherlands BV


AHT Netherlands BV is a member of the AHT International Group and is responsible for the provision for outdoor de-icing systems based on the AHT advanced amorphous metal ribbon technology and supporting the AHT distributors worldwide with their Outdoor heating projects. Strategically located in Western Europe it provides fast, reliable and cost-effective service to the four continents of the earth, whether the demand comes from Europe, North and South America, the Far East or even Australia. AHT Netherlands BV is in constant communication with the relevant European Union and other national and international bodies and organizations dealing with all the aspects of green technology development.

The AHT snow- and Ice melting systems are ideal for all types of applications such as, infrastructure projects (e.g. roads, ramps, bridges, tunnels, runways, platforms, logistic centres, drive ways and parking places, bicycle paths and –bridges, etc.), public transport solutions (train-, tram- and metro platforms, railway crossings, bus stops, train stations, staircases, pedestrian crossings, routes for visual handicapped people, etc.) , roofs and gutters (including de-icing of photo voltaic panels), agriculture (e.g. green houses, cultivation of crops in open field, baby plants, etc.), livestock (e.g. breeding of piglets- and young calf s, etc.), tracing and of course all types of sports fields (e.g. soccer, hockey, tennis, beach-volleyball, etc.).


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