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Economic Heating Exhibition Athens – Greece 2013

The continuing economic recession which has engulfed Greece for the last 5 years has forced consumers to turn to the most econom ic ways of heating their homes. Therefore during the annual Athens Econom ic Heating Exhibition which took place between 27 – 30 of September , the unique AHT el ectric un derfloor heating products were presented in a very impressive way by AHT Greece .

The AHT Greece team of Nikos, Kostas, Stavros, Alexis and Diana led by Mr Stavros Gavrias worked tirelessly through out the duration of the exhibition explaining the unique advantages of our system to the thousan ds of Greek visitors who passed through thei r stand.

At the end a tired but very happy Mr Gavrias commented “We really did not expect to h ave such a massive response from th e people of Greece and now we have to work twice as much to just satisfy all their demands. The message that AHT heats fast and saves money has been accepted and u nderstood very clearly in Athens!”

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