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Our boy Russell strikes again!

Allbrite UK Ltd has just completed a big refurbishment project of 39 old houses all of which were fitted throughout with the AHT Amorphous metal ribbon mats! The houses varying in size from 150 m2 – 800 m2 were also fitted by the Allbrite team with Solar water heaters, Photovoltaic systems and special energy saving LED lighting and as a result they will have running costs of less than £100 per year! However even this unbelievably low cost pales into insignificance compared to Field Farm which belongs to Mr Russell White, the Allbrite UK Ltd Managing Director. Having designed the buildings solely with energy conservation and comfort in mind, he has installed all the latest innovative energy saving technology available including of course the AHT heating system and as a result the buildings will generate a net income of £4000 by the end of this year!!

Allbrite UK is the oldest AHT distributor worldwide and has been one of the pillars on which AHT has been able to rely on in its development into a truly global organization.

We are delighted by the Allbrite achievements and we humbly thank them for their support. As Russell commented “We will soon be bringing in batteries to store the electricity as the AHT system hardly uses any of it! The future is electric! The future is AHT!”

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