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Toronto Snowstorm..…. A piece of cake for AHT!

Toronto was hit by a massive snowstorm on the 8th of February and in order to deal with it the city authorities mobilized the following manpower and machinery:

  • 600 snowplows
  • 300 sidewalk plows
  • 200 salt trucks
  • Expressway plows
  • About 1,500 workers
  • Tens of Plow drivers

…….And none of them was needed by our customers in Toronto. They just flicked their switch and the snow disappeared in a flash!

So far this year Canada has been experiencing a mild winter by its standards, but at last snow has arrived with a vengeance. This gave a chance to the AHT Outdoor de-icing ribbon to show its true colours and the pictures below from Toronto speak for themselves. Sergey, Ella Petrenko and the rest of the Orion Eco Team have been working methodically very hard promoting the unique advantages of the AHT Outdoor de-icing ribbon in Canada. As Sergey commented “We prefer to let our work speak for itself and we are sure that more and more people in Canada will choose AHT in order to deal with their snow problems effectively and economically”.

We would like to congratulate the Orion Eco team and wish them…..much more snow of course!

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