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AHT – Big in Japan!

Green Heating Technologies – Japan has just completed an exemplary multi-application outdoor de-icing installation in a house in Nigata Japan. The whole project was planned and executed by Mr Doron Lapidot, Managing Director of GHT Japan in cooperation with Kameda Denki. AHT Outdoor De-icing Ribbon was installed in the two house entrances, the roof and the gutters. Within one hour of powering the systems all snow and ice completely disappeared to the delight of the everyone involved.

We would like to congratulate Doron and his team for their excellent work, enthusiasm and professionalism, ingredients which guarantee a big and bright future for AHT in the most promising Japanese market. As Doron commented with a glass of sake in hand “With so much snow the choice was either hours of shoveling or AHT. Now watching snow melting has become a small pleasure of life!”

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