AHT Heating

Baby-Plants love to grow with AHT

After a long and arduous research and development process Mr Giuliano Colomban Managing Director of ISC Project working closely with Mr Edoardo Marabese and his Santoni team, have produced a unique and patented composite heating panel to be used for the faster growth of baby plants. Composed of a shell and cover in rigid plastic material under which an 1.2m X 0.5m AHT heating mat is anchored to a special insulating material. This insulating material prevents the dispersion the thermal energy downwards thus channeling all the energy evenly towards the surface and directly on the substrate of the plants, ensuring the perfect uniformity of heating which is a crucial factor for faster cultivation.

The whole system UV resistant and has an overall IP54 rating which allows direct watering and has a special IP67 rating for the cable entry. With a length of 1.2m, width 0.6m, thickness 0,02m and a weight of only 6 Kg it is a ready-to-go product which will meet the demands of today’s consumers.

We would like to congratulate Mr Colomban and his ISC Project team for their continuous, innovative and practical work which pushes the boundaries of AHT applications to new and exciting limits.

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