AHT Heating

Miss Piggy loves AHT!

So far we knew that AHT amorphous metal ribbon mats are the best and most efficient way of heating our houses however it takes Irish wit to apply this to farms. Mr Ken and Alex Dale of Total Floor Heating Ltd, the AHT distributors in Ireland, have just completed the installation of AHT mats in a pig farm near Dublin.

The AHT mats are to be used to heat small rooms where baby pigs and their mothers will be nurtured during their early and most difficult days. After the successful commissioning of this project Alex commented “Although this could be considered a niche market but bearing in mind that there thousands of farms in Ireland it’s potential is enormous. We would like to congratulate Ken and Alex for their innovative thinking and wish them a lot of success for the future, so that the AHT will be the number one in Ireland both for humans as well as animals!


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