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Balkan strength for AHT Ltd

As part of our ongoing hands-on training process, last month we had the pleasure of hosting the AHT distributors for Greece and Serbia to our Cyprus HQ. These visits not only strengthen the bonds between us, but also allow all parties to outline their views and any problems or important issues facing them in a direct way. As a result everything is resolved in a satisfactory way, thus allowing everyone to move forward revitalized and ready for the new challenges ahead. The Balkan Area is very strategic for AHT and we are sure that it will play an ever increasing role in our future plans.

A. The BINVEX team from Belgrade comprising of Mr Dragan Stefanovic – M.D., Alexander and Berg – Electrical Engineers visited our factory where they witnessed the AHT manufacturing procedure and all the 7 different safety tests carried out before the AHT mats leave our factory. They were then fully trained on how to install correctly the AHT mats and actually carried out successfully an installation completely by themselves, as well as learning on how to deal with any after-sale service and/or repair requirements.

B. Mr Lazaros Avgeris of Energy-Greece combined his training visit with the installation of Photovoltaic Systems in 2 of our customers in Cyprus. Energy-Greece is a leading Renewable Energy company located in Patra, specializing in both Industrial and Domestic PV systems as well as the AHT Amorphous metal heating systems.

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