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New breakthrough enables considerable savings in energy consumption for AHT ® radiant under floor heating mats and outdoor products

The AHT distributors in the Netherlands Heating Solutions International BV in collaboration with Custommate BV a control equipment specialists, have developed a new and revolutionary technology which enables a reduction in energy consumption up to 40% for our AHT® radiant under floor heating mats. After a research period of nearly two years both companies have launched this technique which generates the same comfort level of warmth using much less energy.

“The unique combination of the core of the AHT under floor heating mats (an amorphous metal heating ribbon) with the control engineering enables this efficiency improvement” according to Mr René Smits – M.D. Heating Solutions International BV.

The AHT Amorphous Metal ribbon is a metallic material with a disordered atomic-scale structure. In contrast to most metals, which are crystalline and therefore have a highly ordered arrangement of atoms, amorphous alloys are non-crystalline. It contains atoms of significantly different sizes, leading to low free volume (and therefore up to orders of magnitude higher viscosity than other metals and alloys) in molten state. The viscosity prevents the atoms moving enough to form an ordered lattice. The material structure also results in low shrinkage during cooling and resistance to plastic deformation.

The AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon derives its strength directly from its non-crystalline structure, which does not have any of the defects (such as dislocations) that limit the strength of crystalline alloys. This results in a great variety of potentially useful properties such as being stronger than crystalline alloys of similar chemical composition, and sustaining larger reversible (“elastic”) deformations than crystalline alloys.

It is clear that this great development in energy reduction gives AHT a huge advantage over all other competitive systems in the market and will allow all of us to expand our market presence. We would like to congratulate Mr Rene Smits for his achievement as well as his continuous and steadfast work which ultimately will benefit all of us in the AHT family!

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