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Terazzo Epoxy loves AHT!

Sergio Seco and his Soluft team in Portugal have pushed the boundaries of flooring which can be installed directly on top of the AHT mats by completing a complex of luxury housing fitted with Epoxy Terazzo floors. Epoxy Terazzo is a high quality, low maintenance floor that uses selected aggregates and coloured resin. It incorporates various fillers such as granite and marble chips, coloured glass, mother of pearl and coloured synthetic chips. Using divider strips of either brass, aluminium, zinc or plastic designs and colours are almost unlimited. By combining Epoxy Terazzo with AHT mats the customer not only has the floor he likes but at the same time enjoys the fastest and most economical way to heat his house. We would like to congratulate Sergio and all the members of the Soluft team for their gallant efforts in Portugal despite the adverse economic environment they are facing.



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