AHT Heating

AHT keeping Horniman Museum warm!

Shimmerheat Ltd through its hyperactive Managing Director Mr. David Sales has recently completed the installation of AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon Mats at the famous Horniman Museum & Gardens in Forest Hill London. The AHT technology was chosen because of its full compatibility to the vinyl flooring which was being installed directly on top of the AHT mats, it’s very fast response and low running costs.

The Horniman Museum & Gardens was opened in 1901 and was dedicated with the surrounding land as a free gift to the people of London by Frederick Horniman forever for their recreation, instruction and enjoyment. Its international collections of anthropology and musical instruments, as well as an acclaimed aquarium and natural history attract many thousands of visitors every year. Through its collections and related exhibitions and events, it seeks to encourage a wider appreciation of the world, its peoples and their cultures, and its environments.

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