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How does an electronic thermostat save money over a conventional mechanical thermostat?

Electronic thermostats save money because of their greater accuracy. These thermostats keep the temperature within 0.15°C(0.27°F) or 0.5°C(0.9°F) of the setting, ensuring minimal temperature swings. This means there is no wasted energy from continually adjusting the thermostat’s setting to offset uncomfortable temperature dips.

27How much can I save by using an electronic thermostat?

While exact savings depend on factors such as electricity rates and the climate you live in, an electronic thermostat’s precision means its cost can usually be recuperated in one to two years.

How can programming save so much money?

Because you do not heat your home when heating isn’t required, i.e., overnight or during the day while at work. By lowering the heat while at work during the day, you can realize significant savings: each 1ºC (1.8ºF) the temperature is lowered during an eight-hour period equals a savings of 2%.

Thermostats – Installation and Safety

Does a line voltage thermostat have to be installed using an electrical box?

Yes, the thermostat must be mounted on or inside a Junction box.

Can a thermostat control several baseboards?

Basically yes, but it is recommended to have a control in each place by itself in order to be most efficient in terms of electrical consumption.

Should line voltage thermostats be installed by professionals?

Although these thermostats are relatively easy to install thanks to 2-wire non-polarized connections (TRIAC thermostats) and color-coded wires (four-wire thermostats), we recommend that our line voltage thermostats be installed by a professional because of the importance of ensuring a good connection in the wire connectors.

Do AHT electric heating thermostats use batteries?


How do I know if a thermostat is compatible with my heating system?

You first must determine the maximum wattage of your baseboard. If you intend to control more than one baseboard with a single thermostat, you should check the total wattage of all baseboards to ensure the combined wattage doesn’t exceed the thermostat’s maximum load (or relay’s maximum load if using a low voltage thermostat).

Thermostats – Programming

What’s the difference between 5+2 and 7-day programming?

5 + 2 programming enables you to enter separate programs for weekdays and weekends. Seven-day programming lets you enter different programs for each day of the week.

Setting the time and date on the thermostat

  • Open left Thermostat side door
  • Set the correct time by using the Hour and Minute buttons
  • In order to set the correct day press the Day button

Note:while programming the time & date the thermostat will indicate PM but does not have an indicator for AM

Factory preset modes

The following table shows the intended use and factory setting: of each o the preset buttons:

Icon Intended use Dry/wet/damp Models Wet area Models
“sun” Comfort (when at home) 70°F 82°F
“moon” Economy (when asleep or away from home) 64°F 68°F
“suitcase” Vacation (during prolonged absence) 50°F 50°F

When I’m programming my thermostat, why can’t I enter the temperature, only the time?

If you have a ATPTAF/F12, ATPTAFGB115 and ATPTAF/FGA115 Series thermostat, the temperature settings used in the programmed schedule are entered as follows:

  • Select desired comfort temperature
  • Press the comfort button (sun) for approximately three seconds to save desired temperature
  • Select desired economy temperature
  • Press the economy button (moon) for approximately three seconds to save desired temperature

The comfort temperature you set will be used in programs 1 and 3. The economy temperature you set will be used in programs 2 and 4.

How does AHT’s Early Start feature work?

This feature analyzes past heating cycles to determine when heating should start to ensure the programmed temperature is reached at the programmed time. For example, if you program your thermostat for 21ºC (70ºF) at 7 a.m., the thermostat might signal your heating system to start at 6:30 a.m. to ensure the temperature is at 21ºC (70ºF) by 7 a.m.

Is programming lost during a power outage?

No. AHT thermostats feature battery-free programming backup.Thus, in the event of a power failure, the settings are saved. However, only the thermostat’s clock must be re-adjusted if the power failure lasts more than 2 hours. The thermostat will return to the mode preceding the power failure.

Why does my display suddenly disappear or “LP” appears on-screen?

This is likely because the baseboard’s thermal protection has cut the current.
All electric heaters have built-in thermal protection cutoffs to prevent heating elements from becoming dangerously hot. If you have an undersized baseboard (i.e., not enough wattage to handle the size of heating area), on very cold days the heater may be on for extended periods of time, meaning the heating element becomes too hot. In this case, current to the heater is cut until the heater cools to a safe level. This causes the display to show “LP” (TH101 and TH104 models) or go blank (TH106, TH108 and TH109 models).

  • A heater could also become too hot, for example, if a sofa is placed too close to a baseboard.
  • At startup, my thermostat briefly flashes features on its screen that I can’t program or use.
  • At startup (power on), AHT thermostats briefly flash all features, including features not available with non-programmable models.

How can I adjust temperature manually at any time?

  • Manual mode will be indicated by “pointing figure” (instead of the clock or houses)
  • To increase the current temperature tap the “sun” button
  • To decrease tap the “moon” button

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